ARTS is free and open source with no login requirement. Find custom installation instructions at our git repository:

For Python 2.7 :

For Python 3.x :

The webserver can also be installed separately which can be used to view exported results:

For Python 2.7 :

For Python 3.x :

Separate reference sets can be downloaded from the below links

Download metagenomes reference set

Download all reference sets

NOTE: Python3 beta version of ARTS is released on Docker Hub. You can find more detail here.

Quick start with docker and docker compose:

For details on setting up docker and docker-compose see This will install local instances of the analysis and web server on a unix/linux system. For a windows installation see The end result should be an directory with the docker-compose and ".env" file (On windows renaming a file ".file." will produce ".file", or choose save as "." in notepad)

  1. Make an isolated directory and download the docker-compose file to install the pre-built ARTS containers:

    mkdir ARTSdocker && cd ARTSdocker
    wget -O docker-compose.yml
  2. Set environment variables for multiprocessing, port number to run webserver, and shared folders of host system (replace /tmp with desired path or use these as the default):

    echo "ARTS_RESULTS=/tmp" > .env
    echo "ARTS_UPLOAD=/tmp" >> .env
    echo "ARTS_RUN=/tmp" >> .env
    echo "ARTS_CPU=1" >> .env
    echo "ARTS_WEBPORT=80" >> .env
  3. Build and start the services (from the ARTSdocker directory):

    docker-compose up
  4. Shutting down services and clear containers from disk storage:

    docker-compose down

Extra) Start services in the background, check for running services, and shutdown without removing containers from disk:

docker-compose up -d
docker ps -a
docker-compose stop